Charmat Method Sparkling Wines



Visual exam

Intense rosé color, brilliant and clean. Fine and persistent perlage.

Olfactory exam

The aroma is intense and persistent, with fruity notes from the grapes of origin (deep hints of small red fruits) and pinot noir, which has always been the main character in the sparkling wine production.

Taste exam

The taste is fresh, fragrant and harmonious. The aftertaste is persistent, with floral and fruity notes.


Blend of Glera grapes and Pinot Noir fermented on skin harvested in the Prosecco DOC area.


Once the Glera grapes have reached the correct level of ripeness, are harvested and taken to the cellar to be destemmed and soft pressed. During this process, the must is separated from the grapes skins, then cooled and clarified. Yeasts are added to the clarified must in order to start the alcoholic fermentation at the controlled temperature of 16-18°C. Once the process is completed, the temperature of the new wine is lowered to 8-12°C and after a few days, the liquid is decanted for the first time, obtaining the base wine glera. Once the Pinot Noir grapes have reached the correct level of ripeness, are harvested and taken to the cellar to be pressed and fermented on the skins. The alcoholic fermentation takes place at the temperature of 25°C and at the end of the process, the pomace is pressed to obtain the base wine pinot noir. The base wine pinot noir is mixed with the base wine glera for the second fermentation.

The wine base is filtered, sugar and yeasts are added to the liquid for the second fermentation in sealed tank. Once the desired overpressure is reached, the wine is cooled at -2-0°C and matured with yeasts. After 60 days, the wine is ready for the bottling.

Sparkling Method

Charmat Method for slow re-fermentation in large close containers for at least 60 days.

Alcohol content

11% vol.


cl.75, cl.20, cl.18,7


Ideal as an aperitif, this sparkling wine is perfect with the Mediterranean cuisine. Excellent with appetizers, light first courses like risotto and vegetables couscous, fish and white meat dishes. Perfect served with raw fish, seafood and fresh cheeses.

Service temperature



The ideal cellar for storing wine must have a temperature between 11-15 ° C, there should be no temperature changes.